Sales Forecast for Magento – Troubleshoot and Debug ?>

Sales Forecast for Magento – Troubleshoot and Debug

If you followed the instruction in How to generate a Forecast Report and the Sales Forecast for Magento extension was not installed. Or you are unable to Generate a Forecast Report. Follow these steps.

Enable Magento Log

  • Log into your Magento Admin Backend;
  • Go to System, Configuration;
  • Click on “Developer” in the left side menu pane;
  • Open the “Log Settings” section;
  • Change the “Enabled” to “Yes”;
  • Click “Save Config”.

Open e analyze the file var/log/system.log in your Magento folder. Search for “G4C-MAG” string and check if theres an error description.

Also, inspect errors in the browser using Firebug Firefox Extension.

Error Codes

Some errors can happen due a temporary network problem or service unavailability. In those cases, just wait a couple of minutes and try again.

If the problem is still happening, you can:

Error Code Description
G4C-MAG-4yrx Possible reasons:

  • Request register returned wrong parameters;
  • Register key received but could not save it;
  • Decoding failed: Syntax error.
G4C-MAG-YXiY App not registered.
G4C-MAG-fC5p Unable to register app.
G4C-MAG-b2uu Could not save forecast history.
G4C-MAG-6Z5g Could not edit forecast.
G4C-MAG-eBGA Could not validate forecast data.
G4C-MAG-kNRW Could not calculate forecast price.
G4C-MAG-P3vP Could not collect data.
G4C-MAG-6CAo Could not get forecast price.
G4C-MAG-X0j3 Could not collect data.
G4C-MAG-21Pf Could not get app key.
G4C-MAG-nlZP Could not connect to API.
G4C-MAG-b2rq Could not get account info.
G4C-MAG-ZcKc Could not get forecast price.
G4C-MAG-fcnW Could not send API request.

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